When to Hire An Email Marketer

Sure, you can send emails yourself. However, when you want to grow your business there are times and situations when it’s helpful to hire an email marketer. A professional consultation can save you from unnecessary mistakes and technical headaches, help you save time, and help you get more business faster.

Here are some good times to hire an email marketer:


1. You are THINKING about launching a new course or product.

Many of my clients come to me after they’ve created a course or product and then they want me to launch it. But while an email specialist like myself can certainly help launch your course or product, having a consultation before developing your new offer can save you more time and money.

A consultation with a professional can save you from mistakes that prevent a successful launch, as well as fast track your business. If you are thinking about launching a course or product, you can find a few of my tips to help you out in this blog post and reach out to me if you’re interested in more information like this: how-many-people-will-buy-your-product-course-or-other-offer.


2. You require technical assistance.

If you are struggling with a technical issue, it can be worthwhile to bring in a professional. You know your business the best. An email specialist can save you the time and aggravation of dinking around with technical bits that aren’t necessary for you to remember in order succeed in your area of business. When your email program is complicated or giving you fits, your email automation isn’t working the way you hoped, you need coding help for your template, you want to change email providers or you need to setup for the first time, these are all times that it can be better to hire an email specialist.


3. You want to save money.

Yes while there is a fee for a consultation, I work to save businesses money. One bit of advice I can provide here is please don’t choose the most expensive email program thinking that it will bring you the amount of business you want. I actually see this happen a lot: people coming to me for help after they purchased a more expensive subscription when a less expensive and less complicated email program would have worked to grow their business just as well. Many times it’s not that they didn’t know about options like MailChimp or MailerLite; it’s that they assumed that more was always better. I have worked with big business solutions as well like Pardot, Hubspot and Marketo. I can help you figure out the best option for the size of your business as well as introducing other ways to help you save, reach more people and make more. My goal is to put my clients in the position to make their consultation money back over time.


4. You need to save time.

When you are running a business, you have 50 million things on your to-do list and hiring an email marketer can help you save time. I can help you run your program launch, help you with your newsletters among other time savers. Here is more information on working with me to save you time sending your newsletters: https://www.dividenddesign.com/services/managed-email-services/

>>If you’d like to talk about your email project, reach me at dividenddesign@gmail.com

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