What is your one, most important goal?

This month I’m looking ahead to November and December and adding notifications to my calendar about what dates to send emails and social media posts that align with my goals.

What is your one, most important goal
for the remainder of the year?

If you have an email list already, you might set aside 15 minutes to think about what days you will contact your subscribers for November (Black Friday) and the December holidays, as well. Add the notifications to your calendar. Having reminders can be helpful in making sure your communications go out on time!

If you don’t have much of an email list yet, consider one thing you can do this month and again in November to attract more subscribers. Then schedule dates on your calendar. You might consider posting your lead offer a few times on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Thinking about who you can partner with to make yourself and your business more visible can be really helpful in promoting your business as well.

Check out this link for more information on partnership:

Whatever your most important personal goal is for the remainder of 2018, writing it down can help you commit to it. It can become overwhelming if you try for too many goals and your efforts can become diluted. One goal is doable. Take small steps toward your goal every day if possible.

Baby steps lead to big results! You’ve got this.

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