Warm up a cold email list

Look, it happens. You mean to email consistently. You really do. But, other things happen and you keep putting off those emails to your list. Or, you switched email providers and you never got around to importing your old subscribers. It happens. Even large corporations can have lapses in their email campaigns. Regardless of the size of your business, here’s what you need to know about warming up a cold list.

When you haven’t emailed your subscribers in 6 months or longer or you’ve been really inconsistent in your emailing, you’ve got what’s called a “cold list.” Typically when you begin emailing a cold list again, you can expect a high number of bounces from email addresses that have changed. You also can expect unsubscribes from people who forgot why they subscribed and even spam complaints from people who forgot that they signed up.

Don’t fret! Here’s what to do to warm up your list.

  1. Don’t try to sell anything to your cold email list or ask for favors.
  2. Send a reengagement email, reminding your list briefly of how they know you and provide some really good value.

    If you are asking for resubscribes to your new email provider, you can include a link to sample newsletters or other content that addresses your subscribers’ most pressing concerns or “pain points.”

    Other examples of ways to provide value in your reengagement email are to offer a significant discount, a free, no-sales-pitch consultation or use the opportunity to remind your subscribers of the benefits you provide them.

  3. If you’re asking your cold subscribers from an old email provider to resubscribe to your new list, consider using a personal email account or temporary email account to reach out to them so that it doesn’t affect your sending reputation with your current email service provider. If you’ve got a very large list, send your reengagement campaign in batches of under 5,000 so that unsubscribes or spam complaints will not affect your sending reputation as greatly.
  4. Keep your email short and sweet. Plain text is often preferable for a reengagement campaign so it doesn’t get stuck in spam filters and because it’s more like a personal email.

Don’t get too discouraged if your email list shrinks after a cold spell. It’s confusing to your subscribers when you’re inconsistent. Take some comfort in the people who loyally stuck with you, despite your confusing them, and resolve to be more consistent with your email campaigns in the future.

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