Quick tip to grow your business: make your newsletter shareable

Email marketing can help you generate more visitors to your site and increase your income.

So if there were a way to easily add more subscribers to your list, you’d be interested in doing that to grow your business, right?

You can increase the number of subscribers to your list by encouraging your subscribers to share your emails.

Several email providers make this easy by offering a pre-built “forward to a friend” option that includes special tracking. If your email provider does not offer this, include the suggestion that your current subscribers share your valuable content.

A recommendation from a friend holds a lot of weight and recipients of forwarded emails are more likely to subscribe.

Handy tip: In case your email is forwarded without using the forwarding feature, and let’s face it this may happen, always include a P.S. or a graphic in your email that links to your subscription landing page and makes it easy to for someone to figure out how to subscribe to your juicy content.

Here is some example text for inspiration, from Amy Lynn Andrews’ popular “Useletter.” You could also make a graphic with something similar to the below, which you would link to your subscription page.

  • “Did someone forward this to you and you want to get on the list? You can do so here.”
  • “Like this? Why not forward it to a friend or subscribe (if you’re the friend)?”
  • “Did someone share this with you? If so, consider subscribing here so you don’t miss any future fun.”


Here are links with instructions on how to add “forward to a friend” if you use MailChimp or MailerLite.

Many of the top gun email platforms such as Salesforce and Marketo offer their version of “forward to a friend” as well and include information on how to add it to your emails in their help section.


Need help? Let me know if you would like some help adding this option to your emails by contacting me at dividenddesign@gmail.com.

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