How to grow your email list and get more business

If you want your business to grow, email list building is one of the best ways to make that happen. In fact, “how can I grow my list” is one of the most common questions I’m asked. The short answer is you do a combination of promoting your business to make it more visible while offering something valuable, typically a free gift, for signing up.

Then, perhaps most importantly, provide great content for the people on your list. This directly leads to business growth. 

Whether you are a small business owner or a marketing manager, what I outline below are some of my best tips to help you get more subscribers on your list. If you’re a marketing manager for a firm, skip right on down this page for your tips.

Tips for small business owners

If you’re a small business owner, Nathalie Lussier offers a free do-it-yourself 30 day list building challenge. My recommendation is to do as much of this course as is possible for you. She walks you through everything: starting with the basics like coming up with an opt-in offer all the way through various ways to help you attract more people to your list.

As Nathalie says, “email marketing is far more than a numbers game; it’s about planting seeds that will take root over time and result in mutually beneficial fruits for your clients and yourself.”

Quick tip 1: Your list, used correctly, will bring you income and there are many successful businesses, like virtual assistants or coaches, who start their business with no website. All you need to do to bootstrap your business is set up a MailChimp account, create a mailing list sign-up form then connect that to a Facebook business page, your LinkedIn profile or use a platform like LeadPages. Do the 30 day challenge to go from there. High five! You’re in business.

Quick tip 2: If the information in the 30 day challenge gets too, uh, challenging to do all at once, add a date to your calendar to come back to it; for example, in a month or whenever may work for you to revisit the information. Then do yourself a solid and come back to it. The more you complete in this course, the better off your business will be.

Tips for marketing managers (and
you too!)

If you are a marketing manager at a firm or you’re looking to take additional steps in your list-building, then you probably already are aware of many of the ways to attract more subscribers to your list, such as: hosting a webinar, guest posting on related blogs, putting together a series of interviews with guest experts on a specific topic or offering something like a live chat that you make available to subscribers only.

Here are some additional ways that are not as commonly covered for adding more subscribers to your list:

1. Partner for more visibility

If you partner with another business that complements yours, you can split the costs of creating a webinar or event together to collect email addresses while you both benefit from the leads generated.

2. Cross-promote your business on a partner’s website
or newsletter

Collaborating by running promotions on a business’ website that’s related to yours is a great way to target a new audience. Promoting in a related newsletter also works. Consider cross-promoting each other’s offer for shared value.

This idea is similar to guest-blogging, without having to write blog posts!

3. Consider paid traffic

I don’t mean buy an email list because seriously, that’s not going to help you. But Google Ads or other paid traffic can be good for your business and grow your email list when used correctly. When you’re running a paid traffic campaign, whether you are having someone else run the campaign for you or not, start by spending a little bit of money to test your offer. Typically you will choose a couple approaches to find where your campaign performs best. You may need to tweak your offer’s wording, timing, location or the platform to get a good sign-up rate. Once you find the sweetest spot with the most sign-ups, then add more budget to the campaign that performed best.

4. Go for a viral giveaway

If your giveaway goes viral, you can grow your list quickly and inexpensively. The key here is to make sure that your giveaway is highly targeted to your specific niche. If you’re in marketing, think on giveaway items related to your area including books or recordings that primarily appeal to your ideal audience. Otherwise, you run the real risk of having people sign up for your freebie, only for them to unsubscribe quickly. One of the tools you can check out for viral giveaways is King Sumo.

Remember, whatever list-building techniques you use, for the best business keep providing great, valuable content for the people already on your list.

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