How to export your LinkedIn contacts

LinkedIn lets you message several people at once but it limits how many messages you can send at a time so here’s how to access all your contacts’ email addresses.

Big Giant Disclaimer: You must ask your LinkedIn contacts to opt-in before adding them to a permanent mailing list. Your contacts want to be connected to you and to receive your updates on LinkedIn but still may not desire to receive your newsletter or other emails on a regular basis. Ignore this at your own peril, which can result in steep fines under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other anti-spam laws. If you want to email your contacts on a regular basis, you should explain the value your subscribers receive and consider offering an opt-in incentive. Here are some sample scripts for how to ask people to be on your email list, and adding an incentive would be good.  The section called “First outreach email script” should be helpful. If too many of your recipients report your emails as unwanted or unsolicited, your account can be blocked or shut down. Click and scroll for the eye-opening section on “What is Spam” and also “How do I become a responsible mailer?” (items 1-4) for some great suggestions.

To export Your LinkedIn connections:
1. Visit via your computer (this won’t work on mobile).
2. Click the ‘My Network’ icon in the main navigation.
3. Click ‘Your connections’ at the left of your screen.
4. Then in the top right of the next screen, click ‘Manage synced and imported contacts’ (do not worry if this only shows you a small number of your contacts; keep going to next step).
5. At the right-hand side of the screen, under ‘Advanced options,’ click the ‘Export Contacts’ link.
6. Request a ‘Fast file’ which will be emailed to you within 10 minutes.
7. From the file you will be able to see the email addresses of all your LinkedIn contacts!

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