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For any of you who are just starting out in business, what if I told you that you could have a website for free? Yes, you can and Shannon Mattern is your WordPress BFF. Shannon offers a free 5 day video course that walks you through building a WordPress website step-by-step.

I’m sharing about it because this is an amazing resource. (i.e. this is not an affiliate program and I don’t get anything for sharing it with you except for warm fuzzies).

In addition to providing great value, what I love about Shannon’s 5 Day Website Challenge is that she has an engaging style and excels at communicating about technology. She shows you exactly how to do each part of the process and does it without jargon – all for zero dollars!

Who’s the 5 Day Website Challenge For?

The training is for anyone who wants to learn how to build a website without code or to get a good understanding of how WordPress works. It’s for bloggers, business and life coaches, virtual assistants, graphic designers, creative entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and side hustlers – basically anyone who wants to do business online on a budget.

The 5 Day Website Challenge includes:

Day 1 :: Foundation :: set-up a theme

Day 2 :: Functionality :: add plug-ins

Day 3 :: Email list :: how to set up an email account and connect it to your website

Day 4 :: Logo and Branding :: how to pick colors, fonts and create a design with Canva

Day 5 :: Content, SEO and Go Live :: how to add to your blog and do some basic search engine optimization

Bonus :: There is a Facebook group where you can get additional support too.

Click to visit Shannon Mattern’s website.

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