How to deliver more than one freebie offer with MailChimp

Recently I worked on a couple different projects where people using MailChimp wanted their subscribers to be able to sign up for more than one opt-in or freebie offer. This gets a bit tricky when you’re using MailChimp because while it is simple to deliver one opt-in in a welcome email, MailChimp will only allow a subscriber to sign-up one time on your list. One of the clients I helped wanted to offer 6 different opt-ins and she wanted to allow all her subscribers to sign up for all 6 if desired.

How do you allow a subscriber to sign-up for more than one opt-in?

The simple answer, my friends, is to create a new list for each opt-in. Then for each list, create a welcome email that delivers your opt-in.

Well, you may ask, what am I going to do with ALL those freebie email lists after the fact? How in the world is it manageable to have a bunch of different lists when I want to send all of my subscribers a newsletter or follow-up email?

Here’s what you do. You are going to copy subscribers from your freebie lists to your main list right before you send an email to everyone.

The only issue is that you have to do this manually. If you get massive numbers of subscribers for your freebies per day, it’s time to switch to another email provider! But while you are building your list on a budget, it is not that hard to do and you only need to do it right before you want to mail everybody.

Here’s how to copy new subscribers to your main list

1. Select one of your freebie lists.
2. Click the checkboxes next to your subscribers’ names to select each one. Click Actions > Copy to List >  Name of Your Main List.
3. After the copy, select all the subscribers in your freebie list again and click “Delete” (located to the right of Actions button). All done! This cleans your list. If you don’t do this step, you’ll have to select more checkboxes in the future when you copy. MailChimp will combine subscribers to your main list so that you shouldn’t end up with duplicate subscribers. If you have 20 subscribers to your opt-in, and your main list only increases by 19 after copying, this is why. It’s because a subscriber was already on your list.

See this screenshot for the location of the Copy to List option, and repeat the above steps for each freebie / opt-in list.

There you have it! Now you can deliver many different freebies using your MailChimp account. When you’re getting started, it’s the best method for making things work while growing your list on a budget.

If you don’t want to do your transfers manually and you are ready to begin using another email program that will manage this for you, such as ConvertKit, I can help. Send me an email at

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