ConvertKit tip: retain more of your subscribers

ConvertKit is an email service provider that many online business owners are switching to for the powerful features, including a lot more control over automated emails and more tracking information.

If you use ConvertKit and have multiple sequences or courses, then here’s a tip for you. When your subscribers are opted-in to several of your courses or sequences, they can become overwhelmed with emails. This can lead to unsubscribing from your list completely when all they really want is to opt-out of some sequences.

Here is how to create a custom link so your subscribers can “Unsubscribe from a Sequence,” and you can retain more of your subscribers.

1. Create a new page on your website platform

On your website platform, create a new page for “You have unsubscribed from this sequence.” It can be simple text, something like:
You are unsubscribed from this sequence.
You’ll still receive my newsletter and other emails as usual.
[Optional: Have a look at this other information while you’re here.]

2. Create a New Rule in ConvertKit

  • In ConvertKit, go to “Automations” and click “Add Rule.”
  • Under Trigger, select “Clicks a link” and in “Destination URL,” paste the link to the page you created in Step 1.
  • Under Action, select “Unsubscribe from a Sequence” and choose a sequence in the dropdown menu. Make sure to Save.

3. Add the Link Trigger to an Email

Create a new email and follow these steps: add your text such as “Opt-out of this sequence,” highlight it and click “Insert Link.” Then, choose the Link Trigger you created in Step 2. You’re good to go!

4. Optional: Add the Trigger to Your Template

At this point, you have completed all the steps for adding this option to a single email. Yay! To add it to your template as well, here’s what you do.

  • In the email that you created in Step 3, switch to the code view by choosing the icon that looks like this: <>
  • Highlight and copy the code for your trigger. Here is an example of the trigger-id code to look for but you must use the code from your own email for this to work. When you copy and paste your code containing the trigger-id, be careful to get everything from the <a … to </a>.

<a href=””
trigger-id=”664075″>Opt-out of this sequence</a>

  • Go to “Account,” then “Email template” and either find the template where you want to add your custom unsubscribe option or create a new one. I strongly recommend making a copy of any existing templates first so that if you make a mistake with pasting code, you have a clean copy to go back to and try again.
  • In the template, find your regular unsubscribe button, {{ unsubscribe_link }}, then paste your code before it. You can type a character of text like ” | ” after your pasted code so that your pasted code will blend with the other options on the line. See this:
  • If you want to go one step further, you can clarify the difference between your unsubscribe options. Customize your regular unsubscribe link by changing the code further like this:
  • Hit “Save” and make sure that you set this template as the default going forward. You’re done!

>>If you’d like help setting up your custom unsubscribe links, buttons or anything else in ConvertKit, contact me at


  1. Heather says:

    Is there a way for them to see all of the sequences they are subscribed to an just un-sub from the ones they want? It looks like from this tutorial that I would do this for each sequence and add it to the bottom of each of those emails inside the sequence. Is that right?

    • Lori says:

      Hi there! It’s not straightforward for your subscribers to see what sequences they are currently in. (This is partly because ConvertKit leaves subscribers as permanently part of a sequence so that your subscribers only receive a sequence once.) But yes to doing this tutorial for each sequence you have, except for your regular newsletter. Make sure your peeps will always receive your newsletter unless they completely unsubscribe.

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