7 ideas for your opt-in offer or freebie

An opt-in offer, a.k.a. lead magnet or freebie, helps attract more people to your business by providing a valuable resource. It’s an incentive for them to subscribe to your newsletters or list. Email is still one of the best ways to build business because you can reach people more directly, and you are not beholden to the changing winds and algorithms of another platform that can reduce your reach as can happen with social media.

If you’re brainstorming what type of opt-in offer to create, here’s some food for thought:

1. Offer a coupon

This tends to work best for businesses that are product-based. You’ll notice many large retailers offer a discount for joining their mailing list.

2. Top [Ten] Hacks

Sharing a list of tips and tricks to make someone’s life easier and solve a problem they are facing is a great opt-in. Sharing helpful information showcases your expertise, and this is a natural lead in to your offers that are available for purchase.

3. Biggest Mistakes List

Maybe it’s human nature to be interested in hearing where others went wrong, but you appeal to people’s curiosity with an opt-in such as, “5 Biggest Mistakes in Business: Are You Making Them Too?”. With all opt-ins, but this one in particular, it is important to deliver a lot of value however. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making with their opt-in is providing information that is too commonly known and isn’t newsworthy enough. It can lead to some quick unsubscribing so resolve to keep it memorably helpful.

4. Solve a Problem in 30 Minutes
(or in [x] Number of Steps)

Part of the appeal with this approach is that most of us are interested in shortcuts and things that don’t take long to do! While you could do this in written form, this idea lends itself to video or audio recordings.

5. Give Away Part For Free

This works for any valuable content where you have multiple parts. If you have a book, you can give away a chapter as a free sample. If you have a course, you can give away the first section. This type of thing can be extremely tempting and truly helps people decide if they are onboard to pay for more content.

6. Resource Guide

Pointing people to helpful resources can make a great offer. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can provide some stock items that suit your target audience. As another example, some coaches offer downloads that contain lists of helpful resources in their area of expertise. Another approach besides offering a download is offering the resources in your autoresponder sequence. You can do something like, “Get My Free Strategies for [x]” like a course but delivered as an autoresponder sequence that is spaced out over several weeks. The beauty of this approach is creating a conversation over a period of time where your subscribers are eager to have your next installment.

7. An Ecourse, ebook or webinar recording

My general advice is to not start out initially with this type of freebie, however these work well if you have already developed some valuable content along these lines in the natural course of business. If you have a webinar, an ebook or training guide you can provide for free, this is an excellent way to attract subscribers and help build your list to grow your business.

Bonus idea: mix and match the above!

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