6 minutes to a more productive day

If you can take just 6 minutes from your schedule, you can have a more productive and joyful day. You might be thinking I’m going to share some organization tips for your email inbox or tips to simplify your email marketing or something like this. Those are good things to pay attention to for productivity, but so are things like what I’m about to share here.

Your mindset is important and affects whatever else is going on in life. Anyone who has played competitive sports can tell you that what you think affects your ability and performance.

So let’s try this. Take one minute and think of something that makes you feel joyful. Maybe it is seeing a sunset, maybe it is a person in your life – past or present, maybe it is companion animals, visiting a beach, or simple pleasures like eating an ice cream sandwich or snuggling under the covers. It doesn’t need to be your happiest moment ever, necessarily. Think on whatever it may be that makes you feel some joy.

Now, visit the 5 minutes link below. Over 2,000 people think it helps!

This might be a smidge better done in the morning, but really this 5 minutes works for anytime that you might be checking out this post.

>>5 minutes for more productivity

I hope that whatever your tasks may be today, this will help you focus and be more productive.

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